L.B.L., Inc. is an Illinois Corporation
Formed in 1993 by Alfredo Longhi

For nearly twenty years, LBL Inc. has been representing manufacturers, and helping them make their products consumer friendly for the North American market.

L.B.L., Inc.’s Main Activities Include:

  • Export and Import Trading. This includes exporting domestic equipment,
    importing Italian equipment and the direct sales of foreign machinery to the
    N.A.F.T.A. market.
  • L.B.L., Inc. is the North American importer for an Italian company
    which manufactures Cocoa Presses and Chocolate Processing Equipment.
  • L.B.L., Inc. is the exclusive North American importer for an Italian company
    which manufacturers automatic machines to individually wrap moulded and not
    moulded products, tempering machines, chocolate drop moulding machines, fully
    automatic chocolate drops and automatic flow packing machines.
  • L.B.L., Inc. is the exclusive North and South American importer of welding
    equipment, helmets and safety products (Inverter, MIG, TIG, Arc, Plasma
    Cutters, Auto Darkening Lenses in welding helmets, etc.)
  • L.B.L., Inc. sells direct throughout the 48 states in U.S.A., utilizing our sales
    organization of exclusive representatives and national Sales Manger.

L.B.L., Inc. offers a comprehensive and integrated approach to implementing new  business initiatives in technology intensive industries.


To provide our Manufacturers with a professional sales and service organization dedicated to achieve sales and marketing objectives while communicating changes and opportunities in the marketplace.


To place your products with desired accounts in the U.S.A., Canada, and Mexico through programmed selling. Programmed selling includes control of product selection, product placement, and total product planning to insure sales results consistent with territory objectives.


L B L, Inc. provides proven sales professionals who will focus their sales and service efforts to your established and preferred accounts.

L B L, Inc. provides excellent communication and coordination. You communicate directly with the individuals making your presentations. You receive direct feedback, not diluted information.

LB.L. Inc. provides dedication and attention to your line. We represent a limited number of lines. Therefore we concentrate our efforts on fulfilling your sales and marketing objectives.

LBL, Inc. considers you, our manufacturers, as our partners. We are wiJling to commit our assets to guarantee our mutual growth and ease of doing business.


Our company office, located in a professional office building is available for Sales and Marketing meetings. We maintain storage space for complete sets of samples to insure that your products are available to present to our customers. We maintain extensive files on competitors’ programs. We visit manufacturers whenever possible, to insure that we have a one-to-one relationship and that we understand each others capabilities. Sales and service personnel include our own staff plus various manufacturers’ representatives for the different territories and products.




Automotive supply, industrial suppliers, welding distributors, welding manufacturers, hardware wholesalers, home center chains, lumber, building material, mass merchandisers, food, candy, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic, chemical and paper industry.

Our Approach

Our approach to selling is extremely concrete and practical, taking into account the specifics of each sector / market / product, strongly oriented to the sale and keeping in mind the typical needs of small and medium-sized businesses that want to export to the U.S. machinery and  industrial goods.

Test Program for the United States and N.A.F.T.A Market

Typically, companies that want to export to the U.S., we recommend starting with a simple test program. It ‘a simple, fast and inexpensive that measures the pulse of the situation immediately and helps to understand how your company’s products can be sold in the United States. Please contact us for more information on the test products in the United States

Establishment of a sales network in the United States

The next step to test product ‘the establishment of a sales network in the United States. Through our network of agents, sales representatives and distributors, we will conduct a search for sellers willing to represent the product and cover most areas of the NAFTA market.

For a free, no obligation evaluation of your products please send the contact form. This could be the first step to start exporting to the United States.