LBL is a supplier of Advanced Plasma and Oxy Cutting Machines with Laser Technology

We offer heavy-duty, maximum rigidity, reliable machines, that utilize state of the art controls for high performance, accuracy and maximum productivity.

Three standard machines handle a wide variety of metal fabrication applications:

EASYCUT: A compact, versatile machine for small job shops
MONOCUT: A cost effective machine for small to medium applications with fiber optic laser heads
SUPERCUT: A high-dynamic machine with mechanical accuracy and a wide range of configurations to address all cutting applications

LBL can meet all your needs, regardless of the scope of the project.

Machines can be customized to meet all requirements for machine sizes, type of cutting head, drilling unit and bevel cut. LBL can also provide turn-key metal fabrication solutions including: Robotic Welding, MIG, TIG, Plasma Machines, and Resistance Spot welding systems.