TECMO Plasma Torches

For over 25 years TEC.MO. has been a world-leader in manufacturing torches, consumables and spare parts for plasma cutting. We are specialists in copper machining, by means of sophisticated tools and equipment. This allows us to achieve very high quality production using our own highly qualified and experienced technicians. Innovations and technological research are representative of our unfailing commitment, in order to meet in full our customer’s expectations. Our consumables are manufactured with Computerized Numerical Control and Multispindle machines in order to obtain very accurate tolerances.

A very tight control is maintained throughout the several stages of the production process with each item passing through five or six quality inspection tests before becoming available for delivery.Special lubricating oils are used during the copper process and further cleaning is carried out with high-technology machines, to keep the products unaltered for all time.

About 10 million parts are constantly at our customers’ disposal, which enables us to maintain very short delivery times.Our non-stop up-to-date fleet of machines (CNC and Multispindles Machines), in addition to our large stock holding of raw materials, enables us a very short production program.

About 300 tons of copper are machined annually. We can personalise our torch packages and consumables with the use of laser etching. It is also possible to have these items packed into customized clamshell or thermowelded plastic bags.


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